Employment relationship

Hiring, firing, existence of an employment relationship – these are key issues in a company

Hiring the right employee, firing the one who does not meet your requirements, the proper arrangement of relations with employees of all levels within the framework of concluded contracts. This is what we advise and specialise in.

What we offer

We develop optimal employment bases, create employment contracts, managerial contracts, civil law contracts, confidentiality clauses and non-compete clauses.

What do you gain?

Certainty that your employees are employed in a lawful manner, and in a situation when you want to part with any of them, you will do it in an ethical and legally correct manner.


  • advising on the recruitment process,
  • preparation of employee documentation,
  • employment contracts, civil law contracts, managerial contracts,
  • advising on shaping terms and conditions of employment,
  • correct termination of employment contracts.