FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction – we move smoothly through them

FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Construction describe the course of construction projects based on mutual obligations and relations of the ordering party as an investor, the contractor as the one who implements the construction and the contract engineer as the project administrator.

What we offer

Universal and commonly used standards in construction works, which we will help you understand. Although in the case of contracts based on FIDIC conditions you have to work on templates, we do not work in templates – we always take into account the requirements necessary from the point of view of the specificity of a given contract.

What do you gain?

Regardless of whether you are an investor, contractor or subcontractor, we can provide you with peace of mind regarding your projects.


  • support in arranging mutual relations of the parties using FIDIC Contract Terms,
  • preparation of construction works contract based on FIDIC Contract Terms,
  • preparation of contractual claims by the procedure contained in FIDIC procedures,
  • issuing opinions on claims submitted,
  • conducting correspondence with other participants in the investment process,
  • advising on the possibility of withdrawing from the contract.

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