Transport claims

The complaint, debit note, order for payment, statement of claim, contractual penalty, damages …

Successful handling of claims, pre-litigation and, above all, court cases requires in-depth theoretical knowledge and well-founded practice. For years we have specialised in proceedings strictly concerning transport.

What we offer

Words of truth – most of the contractual penalties imposed in the TSL industry are contradictory, or at least questionable from the point of view of specific legal regulations. A large proportion of compensation claims or “charges” can be successfully challenged.

What do you gain?

Practical experience has enabled us to win countless lawsuits over the years.


  • assessment of claims admissibility under specific legal regulations,
  • representation of carriers and forwarders defendants before the court,
  • enforcement of claims against principals, forwarders and carriers.

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Andrzej Jakubowski

legal adviser, managing partner

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Talk to the expert

Aneta Żernicka

legal adviser

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