Passion and helping patients – that’s what you do, but are you operating legally?

Physiotherapy is the provision of services that result in the development, maintenance or restoration to the fullest possible extent of motor function and functionality throughout the patient’s life. The question is what does the law say about this?

What we offer

Supporting your practice to comply with the requirements of the law and its ongoing maintenance. Sporting, but not only, we often use your help and know the problems of the industry. Thanks to us you will have more time for your patients.

What do you gain?

Peace of mind and the ability to focus on helping your patients. All formalities and legal problems will be solved by us.


  • requirements related to opening and running a practice,
  • National Register of Physiotherapists,
  • medical documentation,
  • professional responsibility for the therapy performed,
    patients’ claims.

Talk to the expert

Karolina Listopadzka

legal adviser

[email protected] +48 668201535