Safeguarding of claims

Who owes whom, how much and why?

We deal with the recovery of debts from debtors and the conduct of judicial and enforcement proceedings, as well as provide advice on how to protect yourself against unreliable contractors and prevent payment bottlenecks.

What we offer

Obtaining court security, enforcement of the obtained title in bailiff security proceedings, thus reducing the duration of court proceedings.

What do you gain?

Support at every stage. Amicable debt collection, court enforcement and enforcement activities carried out with the support of befriended bailiffs’ offices.


  • legal advice on securing and collecting debts,
  • preventive measures and preparation of claims,
  • representation before courts,
  • security proceedings and enforcement of claims.

Talk to the expert

Katarzyna Bakuła

senior lawyer, managing partner

[email protected] +48 530774189

Talk to the expert

Karolina Listopadzka

legal adviser

[email protected] +48 668201535